Achievements are medals a player can earn during the game. A list of achievements can be found in Game Center on IOS devices and the number of points that it adds to your gamer score. There are a total of 49 achievements.

My Boomstick (5pts): Equipped your first weapon.

House Cleaning (5pts): Completed Chapter 1.

Street Sweeper (10pts): Completed Chapter 2.

Harbor Cleanup (10pts): Completed Chapter 3.

Neighborhood Watch (15pts): Completed Chapter 4.

Downtown Domination (15pts): Completed Chapter 5.

Unstoppable (20pts): Completed Chapter 6.

Training Wheels (5pts): Reached level 5.

Learner's Permit (5pts): Reached level 10.

Sunday Driver (10pts): Reached level 20.

Speed Demon (15pts): Reached level 30.

Rally Racer (20pts): Reached level 40.

Hail to the King, Baby (25pts): Reached level 50.

Bucket of Bolts (5pts): Achieved 500 power.

Pain Train (10pts): Achieved 1,000 power.

Death Machine (20pts): Achieved 2,000 power.

Pimped Ride (5pts): Upgraded a Vehicle to Max Level.

Lock and Load (5pts): Upgraded a Weapon to Max Level.

Best of the Best (10pts): Upgraded a Legendary Item to Max Level.

Superior Tech (5pts): Unlock a Superior Item.

Shop Smart (10pts): Unlock an Epic Item.

Legen - wait for it - dary (15pts): Unlocked a Legendary Item.

Walker Stalker (5pts): Defeated 500 Walkers.

Goober Luber (5pts): Defeated 500 Goobers.

Crawler Brawler (10pts): Defeated 500 Crawlers.

Runner Gunner (10pts): Defeated 500 Runners.

Chucker Plucker (15pts): Defeated 500 Chuckers.

Bruiser Cruiser (20pts): Defeated 500 Bruisers.

Zombie Massacare (10pts): Defeated 1,000 Zombies.

Throne of Bones (20pts): Defeated 5,000 Zombies.

Sea of Skulls (30pts): Defeated 10,000 Zombies.

Genocide Hardest (80pts): Defeated 53,597 Zombies.

Splatter Master (80pts): Defeated 1,000 Zombies with Powerslides.

Skill Shot (10pts): Defeat 10 Zombies with a Single Powerslide.

Zombo Commander (25pts): Achieve a Zombo of 100.

Titan Slayer (10pts): Defeated a Boss Zombie.

Master Hunter (25pts): Found and Killed both Boss zombies twice each.

Tricked Out (15pts): Fully Equip a vehicle with 4 Slots.

Fire and Forget (25pts): Defeated 2,000 Zombies with Missile Launchers.

Can't Touch This (15pts): Defeat 500 Zombies attached to your car.

Mini Spree (10pts): Ran over 300 Zombies with a Light Vehicle.

Eagle Eyes (5pts): Discover two hidden crates in the same mission.

Junior Seeker (10pts): Discover 10 hidden crates.

Veteran Seeker (15pts): Discover 40 hidden crates.

Committed (20ts): Unlocked 7 daily Rewards in a row.

Naked Steel (25pts): Complete Mission 6-1 with nothing equipped.

You Got Red on You (10pts): Successfully completed a mission after using a Revive.

What Does It Mean?? (10pts): Equip the APB with the Weapon Doubler Upgrade.

Double Double Ani... (10pts): Enable both Double Currency and Weapon Doubler.